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Digital controllers

Digital controllers CooltechCOOLTECH CTSCC-50 controller is used to control such working parameters as temperature and pressure of suction, discharge and oil.

Menu settings are available to control oil pump, heaters, economizer, displacement valve and step drive systems. Control parameters, operating mode, trip settings and timing may be changed locally at the control panel as well as remotely from the RS485 Supervisory Alarm Monitor System PC or the TCP/IP network. Optionally SNMP-protocol can be included for controlling and Web page displays as well as standards RS485 MODBUS, PROFIBUS.

Main advantages:

  • Suction pressure, discharge pressure or process temperature control.
  • Automatic control of motor, slide, pump, economizer and oil heater
  • Stepper motor control of Auto Variable Vi slide
  • Stepless capacity control
  • Alarm and trip monitoring of all variables and trip states
  • Simultaneous SNMP & RS485 MODBUS, PROFIBUS protocols
  • Fault input displays for all compressor safety inputs
  • Variable frequency control of compressor’s motor
  • Condenser blowers control
  • MotorAmps alarms, display and automatic slide unload
  • Multi-compressor operation on same suction line
  • Simple button operation of easily read LED display panel
Main technical characteristics:
  • Different languages on display panel upon request;
  • Two communicational ports using RS485 MODBUS, PROFIBUS protocols;
  • Internet protocol option (TCP/IP);
  • Different analog inputs for temperature, pressure, capacity and motor current control;
  • Цифровые контроллеры Cooltech
  • Speed control, analog inputs;
  • Extended input/output modules;
  • Self-diagnostics;
  • Nonvolatile setpoint memory;
  • Step-by-step Vi control;
  • One- stage and two-stage compressor control;
  • Alarm, trip, shutdown indication and diagnostics;
  • Compressor control modes;
  • Dual setpoint control selection;
  • Safety unloading when overloaded;
  • Multiply compressor control (up to 8 compressors);
  • Compressor monitoring;
  • Optional checking of separate units;
  • Optional input/output facilities;
  • Ip65 protection;
  • Size 600 х 600 х 200 mm;
  • Power 230/110vac @ 50/60HZ 30VA ;
  • Operation temperature 0 - 55 ° С;
  • Certificates ISO 9002, GOST-R.

CTSCC-50 digital controller can be installed on industrial screw refrigerating units of GRAM, SABROE, AERZEN, GRASSO, STAL, YORK, MYCOM production. Cooltech is experienced in adaptation of CTSCC-50 control program to customers’ requirements and compressor characteristics.

Compact, safety and sensitive products of Cooltech are economically efficient and provide flexibility of system configurations and possibilities of control and monitoring due to the 20+ year experience in compressors and industrial units automatic control.

COOLTECH CTSCC-50 controllers are always available in stock.


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