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System of remote monitoring

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System of remote monitoring COOLTECH VISUAL is fully integrated software- and hardware-controlled environment designed for monitoring and operation of the screw compressor units. The system operates jointly with COOLTECH controllers.

COOLTECH VISUAL system allows to accomplish the following:

  • Simultaneous remote monitoring, modification and ope-ration of up to 8 compressor units in one system via a serial port Rs485;
  • Modification, indication of operation parameters, the state of the compressor, emergency values, timers, values of temperature and pressure (together with the ability to print charts), limitations, emergency signals and warning notices;
  • All communications via MODBUS, PROFIBUS protocol, validation of the information transmission via MODBUS, PROFIBUS protocol and automatic retransmission in case of errors;
  • Online-organization of the joint dispatch and monitoring in real time from any available location (internet, telephone network, local network);
  • Complete independence, confidentiality and objectivity of the received information.
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