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Horizontal plate freezers

Horizontal Plate Freezers

Horizontal plate freezers are ideal for freezing of shrimps, fillets in blocks, vegetables, chopped products.

The plate freezer is made with a heavyduty hot-dip galvanized steel frame and is mounted with hydraulic twin rams ensuring a stable and even plate pressure – your guarantee for homogeneous blocks.

Optional equipment:
standard cabinet in 30 mm sandwich panels mounted with manually operated roller blinds on front and rear side, standard cabinet with electrically operated roller blinds on front and rear side; 80 mm highly insulated cabinet, mounted with 60 mm double doors at the front and rear; cabinets according to the above specifications, with stainless steel cladding, flipover marine locks (tray holders); high plate pressure 0.72 bar (10 Psi); hydraulic system operating up to 12 freezers.

Horizontal plate freezer

Hydraulic system, type Power Pack, mounted on horizontal plate freezer

Flexible PTFE hoses, for R22, stainless steel-armoured individually pressure tested. Stainless steel bellow hoses for R717, individually pressure tested. Stainless steel fittings

  • Optimum plate size
  • Width: 1120, 1230 or 1650 mm
  • Length: 1550 to 2440 mm
  • Unique design
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Element surface structure prevents dents and marks in the packaging
  • The most common block dimensions are produced in this type of freezer
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