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Circulating (pump) receivers

Circulating (pump) receivers Cooltech

Circulating receivers are frequently used in modern industrial low-temperature refrigeration systems where pump based refrigerant supply scheme is used and it is installed on the low pressure side.
Receiver contains necessary volume of the refrigerant for effective supply to the evaporators and providing trouble-free operations.
Pumps collect liquid refrigerant from the lower part of the vessel and supply it to evaporators. Unevaporated liquid and vapor return back to the circulating receiver. There liquid-vapor mixture is divided into vapor and liquid. Vapor is sucked from the vapor zone of the vessel by compressor and liquid precipitates on the bottom of the vessel and then is taken by pumps.
Therefore circulating receiver is used as a liquid separator, preventing flowing of liquid refrigerant to the suction pipe of the compressor. Receiver’s volume is calculated providing trouble-free operation in all operating modes.

Circulating (pump) receivers CooltechNowadays Cooltech produces horizontal circulating receivers of PS series; its product with volume range 1 to 8 m3.
All the vessels are equipped with necessary inlets for connection to the refrigeration system, supports, strapping devices and inspection hole.
Construction and internal design of circulating receivers provides effective liquid refrigerant separation and prevents vapor’s breakthrough to the suction inlet of the refrigeration pump. (existing-breakaway)

Additional options:Circulating (pump) receivers Cooltech

  • Manometer with manometer tube and stop valve
  • Relief damper
  • Shut-off and control valves
  • Step less and point level control with monitoring hole and stop valves
  • Leaf-type and float-type critical sensors
  • Step less level control bar probe
  • Receiver charge line (motor expansion valve, solenoid valve, shut-off and control valves)
  • Insulation of the receive (cellular rubber substance)
  • Metallic covering (aluminum, galvanized steel)

Upon your individual order we can produce vessels with necessary characteristics, volume and design including all gas dynamic calculations and strength prediction.

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