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Danish company BUUS Refrigeration is one of the most famous producers of ice generators since 1952.

Buus produces:

  • Horizontal-shaft ice generator with capacity of 0,2 - 10 ton per diem.
  • Vertical-shaft generator with capacity of 4,5 - 62 ton per diem.
  • Block ice production machines with capacity of 5-10 ton per diem
  • Liquid ice generators

Production of Buus trademark is compatible with such refrigerants as ammonia (R717), all types of Freon (R22, R404a, R134a…), carbonic acid (CO2), brines.

Ice generators Buus are produced with following characteristics:

  • Free-standing unit: paneled unit configured on the same frame, ready to work after enabling electricity and water supply. It can be set on the production floor. Body frame made of stainless steel.
  • Embedded: Nearly the same as free-standing unit but without panel boarding. Steel frame.
  • Split system: There are 2 separate units: first one consists of compressor/evaporator and second one is ice generator itself. Both units are paneled. Ice generator is set on the production floor and compressor/evaporator unit is set on the roof or somewhere according to the needs of customer. Couplings between 2 units have to be made by customer or installation company.
  • Cooltech offers drop shipments of Buus ice generators for customers.
You can address your request to our specialists by phone in St.Petersburg +7 812 6482233, in Hamina +358 (0) 535 77 100 or by email You can also contact our regional representatives.

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