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Sabroe is a Danish company operating since 1897. It is famous in the refrigerating industry for its safe compressors and compressor units. It has been known for its production reliability for many years.

In 1999 Sabroe was bought by American York company. Since 2005 York and Sabroe have been supervised by American Johnson Controls Corporation. 

There were installed a lot of compressor units, installations and systems produced by Sabroe all over the world. Cooltech offers repairing and upgrade upon the industrial refrigerating plants recovery program as well as spare parts distribution for Sabroe’s compressor units and installations.

COOLTECH FINLAND OY is authorized by SABROE NORDIC Denmark for supplies and application, start-up, supervision of piston compressors and compressor units, chillers, produced by SABROE (YORK, JOHNSON CONTROLS)

You can address your request to our specialists by phone in St.Petersburg +7 812 6482233, in Hamina +358 (0) 535 77 100 or by email You can also contact our regional representatives

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