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HBCP - compressor protection

HBCP is the first sensor in the world capable of measuring the condition of gas and liquid refrigerant in a refrigeration system.

HBCP is used for detecting gas quality at the intake found on refrigeration compressors. The sensors thereby ensure that liquid refrigerant does not enter the compressor, causing damage to the moving parts.

The sensor has a high sensitivity and even detects small liquid droplets before they become critical to the compressor. The sensor has a uniquely low reaction time, and thereby ensures that the compressor is not damaged. In the event of liquid hammer, an instantaneous alarm is sent to the compressor control, which must signal an emergency stop to the compressor. The sensor measures the total gas and liquid capacity, which is displayed in pF.

The sensor has built-in data logs. All alarms are saved, so the sensor also functions as a “black box”. The data log can be read by connecting a PC. Similarly, the sensor can be set up using a PC.


Product features Applications Specifications Ordering code
  • The sensor protects the compressor against damage in the event of liquid hammer from the system.
  • Setting up the sensor using a PC allows for adjustments to match the system and the compressor.
  • It has built-in data logs that work as the compressor’s “black box”.
  • Instantaneous reaction without delays.

Connection diagram
Mechanical specifications 
Voltage  24 V DC + 10% Thread connection 3/4” NPT and 1" BSPP
Power usage  Max 30 mA Material of the parts coming into contact with liquid  AISI 304
Plug connection  M12, 5 pins Material of the electronic parts  GF BLK, Nylon 6 (PA)
Output  Front
Transsistor output  PNP or NPN Configuration & indication 
Contact function  NO or NC Configuration  With the PC tool – “HBCP TOOL”
Data logging Read using PC LED Indication  LED (green, yellow, and red)
Installation conditions Approvals 
Ambient temperature  50°C (122°F) EMC test EN 61000-2
Refrigerant temperature  80°C (185°F) Accessories
Max. pressure  100 bar (1450 psig) Software tool (Downloaded from website) HBCP TOOL
Waterproof rating  IP65 Programing cable HBxC-USB
Vibrations  IEC 68-2-6 (4g)  
Cable (included)
5m cable with M12 plug  HBxC-M12/5    
Cable specifications  PUR -5 x 0,34 mm2    

Pipe size (compressor line) Length (L) Connection Ordering code
2" 150 mm 3/4" NPT HBCP-1.5-2
2" 150 mm 3/4" BSPP HBCP-R-1.5-6
>  2" 300 mm 1" BSPP HBCP-3-8
>  2" 300 mm 1" NPT HBCP-3-9

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