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Refrigerant control

HBLT-C1 - Controller

HBLC - Level controller

Apart from the sensor that performs level measurements, the control technology is also important. HBLT-C1 is designed exclusively for industrial refrigeration systems. It is programmed with refrigeration knowledge...

With our unique products, we can offer depending on the application, two different control solutions: a decentralised option or a centralised alternative.

Decentralised control:

Analogue level measurement and direct control of the refrigerant level in coolers, separators, etc., with an HBLC Liquid Level Control sensor.  In this sensor, the control logic is integrated into the microprocessor-based electronics, and it is designed for direct control of all types of modulating motor valves. The simple set-up is easily carried out via a PC-based program.

Centralised control:

Refrigerant control and refrigerant level display in any type of tank with the "HBLT-C1 - Controller for level transmitter" controller type.  The controller can easily be connected to the level transmitter, HBLT-A1, but it is also suited for other 4-20mA transmitters. Setup of this controller takes place from the front of the display.

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