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Heat pumps Sabroe

Ammonia-based heat pumps using a reciprocating compressor, with the capacity range of 300–2000 kW.

HeatPAC units are an extremely compact heat pump based on ultra-reliable Sabroe HPO/HPC high-pressure reciprocating compressors, using ammonia as refrigerant. These highly customisable integrated units, featuring an uncomplicated flooded evaporating system, provide exceptional heat pump capacity from the smallest possible
footprint, and with only a very small refrigerant charge. They are designed to provide a cost-effective way to tackle needs for cooling and heating at the same time, providing an extremely high coefficient of performance (COP).
Sabroe HeatPAC heat pumps are the ideal solution for effectively exploiting low-temperature waste heat, and turning it into hot water (up to 75°C), using only a minimum of electrical energy.


There are 7 standard models in this range of heat pump systems, with capacities ranging from 310 kW to 2075 kW.

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Options Advantages Specifications
  • Cascade evaporator.
  • Variable-speed drive (VSD).
  • Soft-starter or Y/D starter.
  • De-superheater.
  • Subcooler.
  • Control panel mounted separately.
  • Factory acceptance tests (FAT).
Advantages Benefits
Factory-assembled, pre-tested packaged units based on Sabroe reciprocating compressors worldrenowned for their reliability. Easy pre-commissioning makes installation and running-in both faster and cheaper. Factory acceptance tests (FAT) available as an option.
Integrated configuration weighs less, and has less than half the footprint of bespoke heat pump designs. Low installation costs. Easy to mount even in confined spaces or unconventional locations.
Indirect cooling and an uncomplicated flooded evaporating system, using natural ammonia (R717) only. Greater safety and outstanding reliability.
Exceptional COP and outstanding part-load performance. Low operating costs.
Refrigerant charge 50% smaller than with conventional heat pumps, because of special condenser/evaporator design. Higher output per unit kW/kg refrigerant, lower unit cost and lower installation costs.
Condenser water inlet +60°C, outlet +70°C
Evaporator water inlet +39°C, outlet +34°C
Type Heating capacity, kW Cooling capacity, 
Power consumption, kW COP heat R717 charge, kg Dry weight, kg Dimensions in mm,
L х W х H
Sound level, 
HeatPAC 24-W  310 263 50 6,1 29 2020 2800 1000 2000 75
HeatPAC 26-W 465 395 76 6,1 38 2230 2850 1000 2000 76 
HeatPAC 28-W  620 527 101 6,1 48 2420  2900 1000  2000  77
HeatPAC 104-W 731 618 120  6,1 55 2630  3050  1000  2000  81
HeatPAC 106-W   1081 911 180 6,0 74 3300 3750 1000 2000 82
HeatPAC 108-W  1441 1216 239 6,0 87 3950 4050 1000 2000 83
HeatPAC 112-W  2075 1735 345 6,0 110 5270 5050 1000 2100 85
W = Heat pump unit water/water     
All data and nominal capacities kW at 1800 rpm.   
All HeatPACs: 60 Hz or VSD operation possible.
HeatPAC 112-W available on request.
Sound pressure levels in free field, over reflecting plane and one metre distance from the unit.

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