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COOLTECH is a manufacturing-oriented company with plants situated in Hamina (Finland) and
St. Petersburg (Russia). Depending on delivery destination and customers request goods can be manufactured on any of mentioned production areas. Our plants are equipped with necessary facilities and that ensures producing reliable products of high quality.

Cooltech values its brand name and carefully chooses suppliers of components while manufacturing refrigerating equipment. Buying Cooltech production you can be sure in its quality. All products have factory warranty valid for 1 year. Cooltech believes that safety and lifetime are very important characteristics of industrial refrigerating equipment. And we can proudly say that all machines manufactured on Cooltech plants during last 10 years are working now in different parts of the world from Mauritius to Republic of Korea ad Kuril Islands bringing profits to their owners. 

Производство промышленного холодильного оборудованияWe keep in touch with our customers, consulting and helping them during equipment's operating life.

Due to flexible management system, well organized logistics and constant stock
replenishment Cooltech offers shortest delivery time in market.

Except typified products we can produce nonstandard refrigerating equipment under
the request of our customer.
It can be unit for ungeometrical room, mobile refrigeratingsets in containers
and so on.

Nowadays Cooltech produces and offers under its brand name the following:

  • Chillers
  • Refrigeration compressor units
  • Pump circulating stations 
  • Gas compression units
  • Mobile container type refrigeration units for soil freezing of soil
  • Upgrade and retrofit of refrigeration units
  • COOLTECH devices for separation, return and drainage of oil in chillers
  • Air purger 
  • Digital controllers
  • Mobile oil filling stations
Office in St.Petersburg
Svetlanovsky pr. 70/1 office 47 (H)
195297 St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone/Fax: +7 (812) 648-22-33
Head office in Finland
Aholanmäentie 88, 49630
Vehkajoki, Hamina, Finland
Tel.: +358 535 77100
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