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Air purgerImproving the energy efficiency of ammonia and freon systems by reducing the condensing pressure

Quiet often the air enters the system during the operation of an industrial refrigeration unit. This greatly deteriorates the heat exchange and lowers the efficiency of the condenser, increases consumption of energy, lubricants and spare parts.

COOLTECH offers to solve this problem by means of installing an air purger to both new and existing refrigeration units.

Advantages air purgers COOLTECH AP-1:
  • operation with all common refrigerants; 
  • a significant reduction of energy consumption; 
  • maximum cooling capacity of the refrigerating system; 
  • trouble-free operation of the plant in the summer time;
  • reduction of refrigerant losses  by 98 compared to manual blow down;
  • suitable for any size of refrigeration units;
  • minimum installation costs;
  • packaged with all needed stop-regulating valves and automatics.
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