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Gas compression units

Gas compression units Cooltech COOLTECH FINLAND OY manufactures gas compression systems for petrochemical industry, including chillers for process fluids, hydrocarbon blend compression plants, and booster compressors, is one of the activities developed by COOLTECH Company.

These systems are widely used in oil and gas industry for:
  • Geological survey and mining (reinjection), gas lift, gas collection, LNG, fuel gas;
  • Transportation (gas transfer, gas injection in a gas holder and gas withdrawal);
  • Refinery operations (oil products, hydro cracking, alkalization, flare gas processing, etc.)
COOLTECH solutions for the oil and gas industry:
  • Packaged compressor units with all the parts mounted on a single frame
  • Remote Monitoring System based on COOLTECH controllers
  • Shut-off and control valves
  • Components, accessories and spare parts
  • Service and warranty service, installation, start-up and repair works
Gas compression units manufactured by COOLTECH are based on open-type oil injected screw compressors with stepless capacity control from 10 to 100% with built-in slide valve that together with various methods of oil cooling (water, air, thermosyphon) allow to seriously increase the energy costs.
In addition to electric actuators COOLTECH equips its gas compression units with gas piston actuators if that is required by customers’ technical specifications.
Gas compression units
холодильное оборудование для нефтехимии
Gas compression units
Gas compression units
Gas compression units
Gas compression units
Gas compression units
Gas compression units Cooltech
Газокомпрессорные установки Cooltech
Газокомпрессорные установки CooltechГазокомпрессорные установки Cooltech
Газокомпрессорные установки Cooltech
Gas compression units Cooltech
Gas compression units Cooltech
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