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Oil charging stations

Oil charging stations COOLTECH CTCS

Oil charging stations Cooltech

During the operation of industrial refrigeration units it is necessary to perform scheduled and non-scheduled compressor oil change. Volume of pumped oil comes up to 1500 liters and more. This procedure is rather difficult, especially if it is necessary to "warm-up" the compressor or if there is no oil pump. Cooltech offers excellent opportunity that allows escaping any problems connected with oil change. Designed by our specialists mobile oil charging station COOLTECH CTCS is being serially produced on our plants.

Oil filling station is designed for filling up the screw and reciprocating refrigeration and air compressors working under the pressure up to 25 bar with mineral and synthetic oil. The station can be used as well to pump the oil over or down the compressors.

The construction includes a gear gasket pump with a motor drive through an elastic coupling and a reduction valve (15-25 bar) designed to fill up your equipment with oil without shut -downs or "warming-ups" of the compressor.

While pumping the oil over the station distils it from pollutants and moisture.

The station is a completely finished product mounted on a trolley and equipped with a set of necessary lock fittings and devices of automatic protection.

The station is risk-free, compact and mobile and is operated by just 1 person.

Oil charging stations Cooltech

The oil filling station full set includes:

  • Oil pump, Germany
  • Transport trolley, Finland
  • Oil suction filter, Italy
  • Oil delivery filter, Italy
  • Hydraulic check valve, Italy
  • Delivery hose, Germany
  • Suction hose, Germany
  • Operation panel, Germany-Finland

Technical characteristics

  • Working pressure – up to 25 bar.
  • Pressure regulation range 15-25 bar
  • Motor drive 3 х 380 V, 50 Hz, 1450 r.p.m 0,75 kW, IP55.
  • Consumption - 10 l/min.
  • Voltage of power supply - 3 х 380 V, 50 Hz.
  • Weight 50 kg
  • Overall dimensions: 0,5 х 0,5 х 1,2 m.

All the products have all necessary certificates and permissions. COOLTECH FINLAND OY is an exclusive designer and producer of CTCS oil filling stations.

Delivery period for oil charging station CTCS is about 2-4 weeks.

Oil charging stations Cooltech
Oil charging stations Cooltech
Oil charging stations Cooltech
Oil charging stations Cooltech
Oil charging stations Cooltech
Oil charging stations Cooltech
Oil charging stations Cooltech
Oil charging stations Cooltech
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