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Plate freezers

Plate freezers

Cooltech company develops and produces turnkey plate-freezing complexes and also supplies plate freezers of such brands as DSI and Jackstone.

Double contact plate freezing is a fast and economic way of freezing due to double contact with the product packaging. Furthermore the fast low temperature freezing maintains the natural quality of the product. Plate freezers are well-known for high quality as well as an ergonomic and cleaning-friendly design.

Key benefits: 
  • Extra strong hot-dip galvanized frame manufactured in closed profiles for maximum strength and easy cleaning;
  • Forks are covered with PEHD or aluminium;
  • Extruded aluminium plates with highPlate freezers strength, including dent for block divider;
  • Flexible PTFE hoses wit h stainless steel armouring, individually pressure-tested;
  • Manually or electrically operated;
  • All parts in contact with human food have obtained approval for such use;
  • Can be operated with all known types of refrigerant such as R22, R717, CO2 etc, for pump circulation.
Cooltech also offer a wide range of: 
  • Horizontal plate freezers
  • Horizontal plate freezers with blast 
  • PFP self-contained horizontal plate freezers
  • Automatic horizontal plate freezers Ice-makers
See details at our website in the section: "Publication".

Questionnaire for the selection of the plate freezer.
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