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Control and power boards

Control and power boardsOur EC&I Division designs and assembles automatic control systems for industrial refrigeration systems and compressor units. It consists of EC&I Project Department and construction section.

Project Department designed template solutions for automation of refrigerating equipment:
  • Industrial compressor units;
  • Circulating pumping stations;
  • Oil filling stations;
  • Aerial and evaporative condensers;
  • Standalone plate fast freezing plants;
  • Plate freezers;
  • Industrial refrigeration sets.

Besides, EC&I Department design automatic control systems for refrigeration sets and units under reconstruction upon design assignment given by the customer.Control and power boards

Construction section of EC&I Division assembles panel –mounted equipment for internal needs and upon various orders. High proficiency of our engineers and construction electricians along with modern mounting facilities of leading foreign suppliers ensure high output quality.

EC&I Department also provide such services as:

  • Complete automation of industrial refrigeration systems;
  • Designing monitor and production control systems for industrial refrigeration systems;
  • Designing automation systems for separate elements of industrial refrigeration systems;
  • Mounting regulating boards;
  • Pre-commissioning with following training of personnel;Control and power boards
  • Supplying constituent parts for automation systems;
  • Diagnostics of automatic control system;
  • Service maintenance;
  • Repair and retrofit of automatic control systems.

While assembling components we use constituent parts of leading European suppliers such as ABB, Rittal, Finder, SchneiderElectric, CarloGavazzi, Siemens, LSIndustrial and others.

Control and power boards
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