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Hermetic Pumpen

German company Hermetic-Pumpen is a leader in developing and producing secure hermetic centrifugal pumps for refrigerating, chemical, petroleum, nuclear , pharmaceutical and food industries.

HERMETIC refrigeration pump  also guarantee exceptional qualities such as long endurance, low operation costs, reduced spare parts usage and maintenance.

Hermetic product line is presented by pumps of CNF types(single stage pumps) and CAM (multistage pumps).

Pumps CNF type are partically well suited to applications where low delievery pressures up to 60 m3/h and higher fluid flow rates are required. This range of pumps has 1 rotor that has a diameter with a pitch of 1 mm.

Pumps CAM(R) type are partically well suited to applications where high delivery pressure up to 140 m3/h and lower fluid flow rates are required. This range of pumps has from 2 to 6 rotors, suction pipe performance can be axial or radial for compatibility with WITT pumps.

Cooltech is the only official distributor of pumping equipment for refrigerating industry in Russia. We organize drop shipments of Hermetic production to any place in the world and exclusively in Russia and CIS countries. 


pump Hermetic CAM

pump Hermetic CNFи 50-200

насос Hermetic CAMR 1/5

Please contact our managers in St Petersburg by phone +7 (812) 648-22-33 for any kind of questions or send your inquiry to info@cooltech.ru. You can also contact our regional representatives.

Hermetic CAMpump Hermetic CAMR 2/3

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